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New Year often signifies a new life, a new beginning and new hopes; these are some of the ideas which come to mind as New Year begins. In some cultures new years are the most prosperous and most extravagant event of the year which should always be prepared and celebrated. Here are some of the decorations that usually are incorporated with Chinese New Year.


Flowers signify growth and prosperity during this event but not just an ordinary flower is used for such festivity. Usually plum blossoms together with bamboo and pine springs are used which replicates family get-togethers which are arranged accordingly. Bamboos signify the harmony between two or more people which must be united throughout the year.

Suggestively, there are other plants which can be used in order to have a different look for different homes such as water lily and azalea which can be more applicable to blend with the surroundings.

Chinese new year lanterns


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Lanterns are sent to the sky on every 15th day after the first moon occurs since it is the first night with a full moon; it is believed that the presence of the many colorful lanterns out in the sky together with the bright full moon will make every people cheerful. The festival is called Yuan Xiao because the Yuan means the first lunar month and Xiao which means night. Lanterns which are commonly used for these festivity differs from what is used in the Mid Autumn Festival since they signify different meanings and wishes in their hope for fortune, blessings, happiness and prosperity.

These lanterns are hung on local temples and often feature images of ferocious animals and mythological figures. The festival not done only for entertainment and beautification but also as a tradition which should always be preserve for every one’s hopes for the brightness and prosperity of the coming year.

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Thailand Tourism

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Lop Buri Monkey Festival

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The provincial capital of Lopburi in Central Thailand is dwelling to innumerous monkeys that have accommodated to life in an urban surroundings. The monkeys have become such a piece of the local civilization that there is in reality a fete held in their laurels the Lopburi Monkey Festival. 

The yearly fete takes place on the last weekend in Nov and is a major attractor for local anesthetics and alien visitants alike. Celebrations include a monkey tea party where macaques tuck into a paste of fruit, eggs, cukes and banana trees all set up in their honour. Last yr the rapscallions got through around 2,000 kilos of solid food provided by local anaesthetics who think donating the solid food will bring them good fortune. 

Lopburi is a 3-hour string drive from Bangkok via Ayutthaya and the celebrations are riveted around Prang Sam Yot, a Khmer temple Second Earl of Guilford of the train station. Entranceway is 30 Tical and you are given a stick that will help you ward off over inquisitive rascals.

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Chinese New Year 2009, January 26.

AsiamericaTravel would Like to celebrate our New President BARACK OBAMA…. He brings new hope of prosperity and wealth to this country. We believe the following years will attain a greater unity and strength with his leadership. We believe in God, Goodness and Faith. This year will be the beginning of a new American heritage for all the world.
Ancient Asians use the Chinese Zodiac predictions to get an idea of who they are going to meet and have connections with. President Obama was born on the sign of the Ox. We predict a long and successful tenure of leadership under his administration of presidency in America.
The Ox is the zodiac sign for the Chinese New Year 2009, January 26.
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Ox
Years: 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009

There are twelve animal signs used to record the year in a 12-year cycle. The Chinese Zodiac is based on a Chinese Lunar calendar beginning with the Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Lamb, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig. The birth year sign will suggest a person's personality, degree of success and happiness in the future by the characteristics of his or her animal zodiac sign parallel with particular elements.
The Ox is the powerful sign of prosperity in the Chinese Zodiac. The Ox person is a strong minded, highly intelligent, solid and hard working. The ox person will never accept the word “failure”. They may require a little rest or diversion. They won’t mind to work hard to get things done.

The Ox character person is of a leader, being dependable, calm and modest. They have the ability to achieve great things in life because of their self confidence and use of their abilities to fulfill their desires.
Woman Oxen have a problem tendency with trusting the wrong partner. They to like to get opinions from someone they trust, who is wise before they make a commitment.

The Ox child usually has a happy childhood without incident during their youth. Oxen may encounter difficulties in their marriage in their middle age. However, they usually are able to smooth them out and achieve peaceful and happy life in their older age.

They are conservative, honest, gentle, reliable, and inspire confidence from all around. They are truthful and loyal and usually committed to their friends and business partners. They work hard and like peace. Ox women are usually good wives who pay close attention to their children.
The Ox man is a great father with tender love, but firm in his final decisions. An Ox woman will make a charming, warm and perfect wife if she is given the freedom to do what she wants. She loves to love with humor and laughter. She is trustworthy, very faithful and expects the same from her partners. The Ox man will make a great companion for an Ox woman.
We’ve discussed the positive aspects about the Ox just briefly but we also should be aware of their weaknesses and negative aspects.
The Ox has is quick tempered, stubborn with a lack of vision. They need to be encouraged to try something new every now and then. Oxen are perceived as being far too serious or incapable of loosening up. The Ox character is the quiet type, but will be sociable when relaxed, but in a crowd they feel insecure and tend to become introverted. A good lesson for Oxen is to strive to overcome a judgmental nature or being too serious. Oxen need to learn the value of their own good qualities in order to stand out in a crowd.
Compatible : Snake and Rooster
Ox and Snake: They will strike a great partnership. Sympathy, love and understanding flow easily between these two.
Ox and Rooster: It is a great match that is blessed by the gods. They appeal to each other with passion and excitement.
Incompatibility: Monkey, Sheep and Pig.
Colors: Blue, Red, Purple.
Other Feng Shui symbols for a Ox: Bagua;
A compatible mate for Ox.
Your mate will have strong character, tender and affectionate, who is protective and always reliable. It may take time for Oxen to decide, but when Oxen commit to a relationship, they are totally devoted and faithful and they expect the same in return. Unfortunately, some Oxen’s marriages fall apart after a few years because Oxen maybe inflexible and tend to place blame on others. But if an Ox is fortunate and has chosen wisely, he or she can build and maintain a strong happy family and have the potential of being successful in love and life.
Birthstone : Peridot

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Celebrating New Year in Thailand

December 10th is a Constitution Day

December 10 is Constitution Day which is held annually to commemorate the advent of the regime of the Constitutional Monarchy in Thailand. We celibate this day, with King Parage government and publicly, salute Parage. We are proud to have our freedom and constitution.

Celebrating New Year in Thailand

Thai’s celebrate a New Eve of nations in morning of the new year. Thai people have a very unique tradition .We start with the Thai tradition of Buddhist meri-making early in the morning, to get blessing from them. We believe this day, the first of each January, starts the good things that will come forth fortune, and luck, in life.

Then we will go to visit families and friends, late morning or early afternoon. Young generation always to visit the adults to greet, respect and get blessing return from them in family gathering as a normal holiday.

Some may go out to celebrate the new year in some places which will have entertainment shows taking in the afternoon and evening. People greet each other with joy. You will feel the happiness and smiles of everyone every where. We are trying to get the enjoyment of every minute of this day as much as we can. It will be that way for many years to come in Thailand.

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